#LowRezJam 2017

The Concept: 4x-lite meets exponential clicker.  Play a complete game in under 5 minutes.

Please press X or Button 2 at the title screen to read the very brief manual.

Game Controls: 

  • Arrow Keys to move. 
  • Z / Button 1 to open the menu and purchase items.
  • X / Button 2 to close the menu.

Manual Controls:

  • Left / Right to change pages.
  • Z / Button 1 to close the menu.

The opening crawl: You are a faerie. Every night at midnight, the cyclops stomps across your faerie circle. 

Tonight you have a perfect plan. Distract the cyclops with a giant strawberry. 

Find the rose bush. Use rose petals to grow your strawberry. Hire wisps to gather petals. Draw moths to the flame to hire stronger allies. Sweet smelling incense will make the strawberry grow juicier. 

Tonight, the fields will know peace. tonight the fields will know . . . . . . . . 

The Midnight Faerie

Final Thoughts

The gameplay video shows an earlier build of the game, but also item locations and a method of winning. 

The strawberry must reach 1,000 hit points in order to attract the cyclops.

Do not touch the cyclops.


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Midnight Faerie - Linux 481 kB
Midnight Faerie - Windows 865 kB
Midnight Faerie - Mac OSX 1 MB


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This is from an earlier but nearly identical build of the game.  I think the only differences are cosmetic -- and that the cyclops moves at the intended speed now.   That said, it shows one way to finish the game.